Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nicki Minaj Performs For Launch of Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia celebrated the Launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 in Times Square with a special performance by Nicki Minaj. Take a look at the sizzle reel that let's you see the hype building up to this event.

So you can just imagine, for me this was such a wickedly awesome time and a dream come true.

Obviously, the highlight of the event was my photo opportunity with Nicki Minaj after the show. 

Nokia literally brought Times Square to a standstill for one of the largest take overs of the the iconic New York landmark that is the crossroads to the world.

The light show was introduced by my favorite female MC ever, international superstar and pop icon Nicki Minaj who's album ROMAN RELOADED is in stores now.
Nokia's road block of nine of time square's famous spectacular digital signage billboards which basically ensured that the thirty thousand plus fans watching were immersed lighting displays and music from every direction.

It was such a spectacle and an amazing sight to behold.

Dozens of the world’s leading visual artist worked for more than 5,000 hours, day and night for more than three weeks, to create the hundreds of jaw-dropping effects that were used on the large screens.

All of the electronic screens were controlled from a mobile server that was fed by eight miles of cable spread over four square blocks of the city.

Combining real dancers with 200ft high computer generated graphics, a building in the square was turned into a living, breathing entity. The building was made to appear as though it was filling with water and then "melting" in front of the crowd.

The ground-breaking visual event, to launch the Nokia Lumia 900 in North America, was choreographed to an exclusive Nokia Lumia remix of Nicki Minaj’s hit ‘Starships’, performed live by DJ and producer Doorly.

She performed on a stage that had been erected in the middle of the square in the early hours of Friday morning.  A massive countdown clock displayed across the square drew the crowds who were anticipating a big event without knowing what exactly was going to happen.

The amazing spectacle came five months after Nokia wowed the world by turning a 360ft (120m) building into the backdrop for an exclusive 4D show on the banks of the River Thames.

Sixteen projectors were used to make it seem like huge butterflies were flying across the London skyline and that the tower was spinning around – the first time this had been done outside of Las Vegas.

To watch the amazing New York light show go to from 7pm EST Saturday, April 7th.

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be available exclusively in North America from AT&T from April 8 for $99.99. With 4G LTE speeds and outstanding design, the Nokia Lumia 900 lets customers access their email, music and social media quickly.

I especially like the fact that this new phone has NFC Technology and as it gains popularity it will help NFC tech reach a critical mass of users.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Maybelline NY Conquer New York iOOH Campaign

Maybelline NY executed an unique crowd participation campaign in New York City's Times Square today. Using Clear Channel's giant  Spectacular, the intercontinental project provided an opportunity for models in Russia to win a trip to New York City.What makes this campaign so interesting is the fact that it provided aspiring Russian models an opportunity to virtually appear on the giant billboard above Father Duffy Square. Then, back in Russia models are able to submit their photos on Facebook or by uploading them with a webcam.The photos were then converted into a slideshow which was shown as a video on the digital signage while pedestrians in Times Square were able to cast their vote or "Like" their favorite Russian model. Maybelline Brand Ambassadors were on the ground polling pedestrians and collecting votes via internet connected tablets.Adam Hollander of Brand Marketers NYC said "I believe the combination of Spectacolor's giant digital signage, "second screens" and trained Brand Ambassador Models, is the prefect way to engage, interact and maximize exposure for any brand. The billboard adds credibility to the field execution and the Brand Ambassadors on the street allow a deeper, memorable experience consumers a likely to share with others on and offline."

One added bonus of the campaign featured a live feed of the action that was taking place in Times Square which allowed the pedestrians who were voting to see themselves on the digital billboard and was streamed live back to the models in Russia.As we can see from the crowds, people just love to see themselves being broadcast on the large screen above Times Square.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Android Powered Twitter Vending Machine

A mobile Twitter vending machine powered by Android earned almost 1 Twitter follower per minute for a 6 hour run at #SXSW. Dispensing a branded keepsake from a hacked vending machine that is powered by an Android OS device is a pretty cool way to gain Twitter followers.

The way it works is if you follow a twitter handle, you are sent a direct message(DM) which contains a code that you may use as social media “currency” to make your purchase on the vending machine’s keypad.