Monday, July 11, 2011

German Company Unites Dog Walkers With Foursquare in "Check In! Snack Out!"

       This past March, German Company GranataPet unleashed a fantastic new promotion for their premium dog food. Using the social networking application Foursquare, GranataPet decided to create the campaign "Check In! Snack Out!, which was set up in popular dog-walking areas in Germany. Dogs, attracted to the scent of dog treats put out by the company, would lead their owners right to a billboard that read "Check In! Snack Out!". Once the dog and the owner stopped at the site, the owner would see instructions on how to activate accounts on Foursquare, which would show their location on the Dog walking path, in order to get a free bowl of GranataPet dog food. 
       This campaign worked on two very different levels. First, using scent advertising on the dogs was a brilliant method- owners would be immediately convinced that their dogs loved the GranataPet food.  Second, the company established an incentive for the human customers to check in to social media, creating more buzz for the brand. All in all, its doggone genius! Check out the campaign in action below:

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