Friday, July 1, 2011

Arcade Fire and Chris Milk Use Google Chrome in Interactive Music Video: "The Wilderness Downtown"

Last Summer, on the heels of their critically acclaimed album "The Suburbs", the Arcade Fire teamed up with filmmaker Chris Milk, Google Chrome and marketing company Radical Media to create a truly poignant interactive music video experience. "The Wilderness Downtown" uses HTML5 to allow every individual viewer to type his or her childhood home address and have that neighborhood become the setting of the music video for the Arcade Fire Song "We Used To Wait". A combined promotion for the band, Google Chrome, and the filmmaker, "The Wilderness Downtown" also lets you write a letter to yourself as child after you see the video. This video is impressive in its emotional content as well as its technological innovation. No wonder it won a prestigious Webby Award!

Check out the amazing video below: 

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