Monday, July 25, 2011

DOOH Propels Heineken Ads

Heineken has integrated a recent TV campaign in Japan with an very innovative digital out of home campaign that comes complete with built in interactivity for consumers courtesy of an engaging augmented reality activation.

The large branded LED screen displayed the commercial and instructed pedestrians where to position themselves to interact with digital re-incarnations of characters from the commercial.

This wickedly awesome interactive out of home execution allows you to dance, sing and even duel with some of the tv spot's unruly caricatures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Vitamin Water Zero: The Photobooth

I don’t know about you, but one thing that I have always enjoyed is going to carnivals or the mall with my friends and seeing a photo booth.There is nothing more fun than squeezing into the tiny space with your friends and taking goofy pictures of everyone and documenting your memories in such a cool and different way.

When going to the Vitamin Water Zero Summer Series I found just that, a photobooth. Only instead of the tight spaces and cramming in order to get everyone into the picture, I was pleased to find that the booth part was gone. Instead it was open and you could fit in as many friends as you want by simply stepping back a little more.

But that wasn’t even the cool part. This web enabled, portable, digital signage, photo upload/ digital print, social media activator not only gives you a free keepsake with your pictures on it once they are taken but the pictures are automatically sent to your facebook wall! All you have to do is type in your email and BAM the pictures can be seen on facebook of you at the awesome Gansevoort Hotel having a great time with your friends. Jealous? Well every one of your friends will be! What a great idea for an experiential advertising promotion!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Interactive Crime Scene: Rizzoli & Isles

When visiting TNT’s promotion for the new TV show Rizzoli & Isles I had high hopes. I thought that the idea of an interactive crime scene sounded really cool and interesting. However, upon arriving to the scene I was a little confused.

The promotion itself is simply a window display of a “crime scene” with a mannequin covered up by a sheet with her feet hanging out, some strewn furniture, a footprint, and a bottle of pills on the bed.
The interactive part was nothing more complex than a touch screen where they tell you about the victim, and give you three or four steps/clues to solving the mystery. Then you simply get a recap and photos of the three suspects. After you choose who you think murdered the victim you either get a “wrong answer” or a Congratulations! If you pick right you get to have your picture taken with the characters Rizzoli and Isles and if you type in your email address the picture will be posted to Facebook.

All in all I think that the interactive Crime scene idea was good in theory, but poor in execution. The picture with the characters being sent to facebook is cool, however, the location is very poor.

When testing out the game I was bumping into people because there was no space on the sidewalk. Also if this was in Times Square where people purposely go to walk around and look at everything this promo would be great! But the traffic in the area (21st and 6th Ave) is mostly people going to and from work or home, people who don’t have time to stop and participate.

Even worse a pair of girls even commented about the stereotypical “pills next to the dead girl” idea. Hopefully a little more thought and creativity went into the actual show.

Monday, July 11, 2011

German Company Unites Dog Walkers With Foursquare in "Check In! Snack Out!"

       This past March, German Company GranataPet unleashed a fantastic new promotion for their premium dog food. Using the social networking application Foursquare, GranataPet decided to create the campaign "Check In! Snack Out!, which was set up in popular dog-walking areas in Germany. Dogs, attracted to the scent of dog treats put out by the company, would lead their owners right to a billboard that read "Check In! Snack Out!". Once the dog and the owner stopped at the site, the owner would see instructions on how to activate accounts on Foursquare, which would show their location on the Dog walking path, in order to get a free bowl of GranataPet dog food. 
       This campaign worked on two very different levels. First, using scent advertising on the dogs was a brilliant method- owners would be immediately convinced that their dogs loved the GranataPet food.  Second, the company established an incentive for the human customers to check in to social media, creating more buzz for the brand. All in all, its doggone genius! Check out the campaign in action below:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformers DOOH

This cool digital ooh for Transformers was spotted in NYC on 7th in Times Square.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Arcade Fire and Chris Milk Use Google Chrome in Interactive Music Video: "The Wilderness Downtown"

Last Summer, on the heels of their critically acclaimed album "The Suburbs", the Arcade Fire teamed up with filmmaker Chris Milk, Google Chrome and marketing company Radical Media to create a truly poignant interactive music video experience. "The Wilderness Downtown" uses HTML5 to allow every individual viewer to type his or her childhood home address and have that neighborhood become the setting of the music video for the Arcade Fire Song "We Used To Wait". A combined promotion for the band, Google Chrome, and the filmmaker, "The Wilderness Downtown" also lets you write a letter to yourself as child after you see the video. This video is impressive in its emotional content as well as its technological innovation. No wonder it won a prestigious Webby Award!

Check out the amazing video below: