Thursday, June 23, 2011

IKEA Uses Social Networking to Promote Store Opening in Sweden

Talk about innovation! Way back in 2009, Swedish marketing company Forsman & Bodenfors launched a brilliant campaign for the opening of a new IKEA in Malmo, Sweden using none other than Facebook! As explained in the video below, the company created an account for the owner, Gordon Gustavsson, and posted images of new IKEA showrooms online. They then created a contest among Facebook users by encouraging them to "Tag" themselves on whatever piece of furniture they wanted. If the user was the first to tag themselves, then they won the product. Of course, this expertly handled campaign gained invaluable buzz for the store and the company. And best of all, they used pre-existing, free website to pull it off. Just goes to show how powerful social media can be when used right. Genius! 

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