Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bacardi Launches Together Campaign in NYC & Vegas

Walking by Times Square a couple of days ago, you might have seen this giant skateboard being pulled down the street advertising Bacardi's "Like it Live" campaign. This new marketing campaign uses Facebook "Like-offs" to have fans of Bacardi "like" their new campaign, entering them into sweepstakes for free t-shirts, tickets to live shows featuring Kid Cudi and Cee-Lo, and other cool prizes. 

The "Like it Live" campaign attempts to the Bacardi customer base together through Facebook, concerts, and other live events. The slogan of the campaign is "Mixes well with others," and that is what they hope they can stress to consumers of Bacardi around the world. Check out to see the amazing prizes that the Bacardi Together campaign has to offer.

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sweet dick vega said...

hey.. I was out at this event, as well as the one in Las Vegas two days after. Here is a video I made of both events, i think you'll dig it:

Post it up if you'd like. Cheers :)