Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facebookers of Poland Join Together to Celebrate Midsummer Night

Talk about a country coming together! Through Facebook, the citizen's of Poznan, Poland gathered together to release over 8,000 lanterns into the sky to celebrate Midsummer night, the shortest night of the year. They're now planning an event for next year with a goal to try to break the Guinness World Record for the most number of lanterns released in the sky. The record is currently 10,000. 
Goes to show how far-reaching social media can be!

Kelloggs Gets Creative With Facebook In New Charitable Campaign

This Spring, Kellogg's and experiential advertising agency TRO launched the Hmmmm to Mmmmm campaign to promote their own brand and raise £500,000 for Red Nose Day, a charity promoting comic relief to raise money for disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa. On their UK University Campus tour, they set up photobooths and computers allowing customers to take funny photos of themselves and post them to their profiles on Facebook. This video shows their campaign in action at University of Arts London:     
The genius of this campaign was that the promotion didn't stop once the charity was over. Using the Facebook page they had established for the Road Show, Kellogg's launched yet another Facebook integrated campaign that worked to give consumers incentive to "Like" their page to play the Find a Friend Who Isn't game for prizes like unlimited Rice Krispies Squares for a month. The game challenges users to show just how well they know their Facebook friends by showing them 1 photo of someone they don't know mixed in with 49 photos of people in their network and making them "Find the Friend Who Isn't". The fastest time wins the prize, and this creative and interactive campaign has brought in 55,949 "Likes"! Talk about effective Social Media advertising!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

IKEA Uses Social Networking to Promote Store Opening in Sweden

Talk about innovation! Way back in 2009, Swedish marketing company Forsman & Bodenfors launched a brilliant campaign for the opening of a new IKEA in Malmo, Sweden using none other than Facebook! As explained in the video below, the company created an account for the owner, Gordon Gustavsson, and posted images of new IKEA showrooms online. They then created a contest among Facebook users by encouraging them to "Tag" themselves on whatever piece of furniture they wanted. If the user was the first to tag themselves, then they won the product. Of course, this expertly handled campaign gained invaluable buzz for the store and the company. And best of all, they used pre-existing, free website to pull it off. Just goes to show how powerful social media can be when used right. Genius! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stay Hungry: A Cooking Channel Promotion

       Nothing like a good food truck to create buzz on a new brand! Today around lunch rush hour, bystanders by 37th & 7th got to experience a new experiential advertising campaign led by the Cooking Channel and Mediacom promoting the network and celebrating its first birthday. This truck hit NYC complete with a Kitchen and Camera crew, and is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. New Yorkers got to be interviewed and filmed as they waited in line for cookies and other delicious samples from the new channel. Don't miss out on this delicious opportunity!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tic Tac Orchestra

Anyone else think this should be an experiential advertisement for Tic Tac? We do...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Metro Mitts: A New Kind of Experiential Advertising

Ever wonder how many germs you pick up from touching the poles on the subway? It's a good question, and according to this new patent-pending glove called Metro Mitts, the answer is quite a few. These clear plastic protective gloves serve an important function other than protecting us from germs, though. They also present a great new opportunity for advertising. Metro Mitts works with any company that would like to put an advertisement on the gloves so that the customer is literally wearing the logo as they ride the subway every day.
Metro Mitts are handed out for free at many different locations in the city from 6:30 am to 10:30 am and 4:30pm to 8:30pm. The company estimates at least 10 impressions per mitt, and tout the customers high involvement with the advertisement as one of the things that makes the Metro Mitt so effective. The sheer volume of people that travel via subway makes it a great target market, and Metro Mitt has found a way to take advantage of this in the most clean, eco-friendly way possible. So on your way back from work, be on the lookout for this inventive, free, and recyclable product. You won't be disappointed.

McDonalds Pick and Play

One of the most creative and innovative uses of DOOH that I have seen in a while is McDonald's Pick & Play executed by DDB in Stockholm.

Using spectacular digital signage, consumers were encouraged to play Pong to win a coupon for a free item of their choice at a local McDonalds Restaurant. Watch a clip of the action just Click Here.

No download required and armed with only just their mobile devices, players were challenged to control the french fry with their phone to keep the ball in play for more than 30 seconds to earn a prize.

Maybe one day in the sometime not so near future, advertisers and media buyers will get the picture and realize that Interactive Out Of Home activities like this are globally scalable on digital signage networks.

Then hopefully, one day, maybe we can all enjoy a little nostalgia playing arcade like games such as Frogger, Asteriods, Pac-Man and even more complex games like Bus Stop Derby while we are passing the time in some line somewhere in the world.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Coolhaus NY seems to be attracting a lot of people on the extremely hot sunny day. Check out to see if you can find an ice cream truck near you! Your inner child will thank you!

Bacardi Launches Together Campaign in NYC & Vegas

Walking by Times Square a couple of days ago, you might have seen this giant skateboard being pulled down the street advertising Bacardi's "Like it Live" campaign. This new marketing campaign uses Facebook "Like-offs" to have fans of Bacardi "like" their new campaign, entering them into sweepstakes for free t-shirts, tickets to live shows featuring Kid Cudi and Cee-Lo, and other cool prizes. 

The "Like it Live" campaign attempts to the Bacardi customer base together through Facebook, concerts, and other live events. The slogan of the campaign is "Mixes well with others," and that is what they hope they can stress to consumers of Bacardi around the world. Check out to see the amazing prizes that the Bacardi Together campaign has to offer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NFC Tech Seeks Critical Mass

A report by Bernstein Research analyst, Toni Sacconaghi suggests that until a critical mass of NFC based POS terminals at retail is reached, companies like Apple will forgo supporting NFC technology.

Despite the fact that earlier this year, Verifone announced that it will include NFC technology in all new Point-Of-Sale systems offered to merchants, at this very moment, there are so few US merchants that actually have the capability to accept NFC enabled payments.

Mobile payments using NFC technology require POS terminals that support mobile payments via NFC enabled mobile devices. When there are over 4 million merchant locations in the United States and only 51,000 of them support mobile NFC payments; Clearly, a higher critical mass is needed for mobile payments to take off Sacconaghi noted.

NFC technology might possibly be the future of mobile technology as we previously reported, however with so few phones in the market that currently support NFC technology coupled with a less than 1% market penetration of retailers who accept mobile payments via NFC may be a clear indication of how far from the future we really are.