Tuesday, March 22, 2011

McDonalds Creates Lasting Memories and Social Media Buzz with a Clever Stunt in Chicago

McDonalds took advantage of the the Chicago River being turned green for St. Patrick’s Day  to pull off a smart activation that paid off in huge social media buzz as well as a lasting memorable experiences for anyone who saw it or heard about it.  McDonalds employed Brand Ambassadors dressed as leprechauns and a unique giant milkshake prop to announce that the Shamrock Shake was on sale for a limited time.  This was not a guerilla marketing effort as all the permits were in place and this program was keenly tied in with PR.  When the river went green it was a instant win for MCD, well worth the expense.

When looking at effectiveness for an Experiential Advertising or Non Traditional Marketing Campaign like this it is important to recognize that is not only standard impressions and CPM that measure success.  Not only the people in the local area that see the advertisement should be measured, but the word of mouth, social media and fun experience multiples the impressions ten fold.  The breath and depth of exposure your clients message  receives compared to traditional media impressions that TV, standard billboard, or even online or mobile can offer is exceed greatly because this type of activation breaks through the clutter and get people talking organically even if you don’t use the color green. :)

Adam Hollander
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