Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Is The Future of DOOH?

Does anyone of us know the future of placed based digital out of home media buying? Recent consolidations and mergers in the place-based advertising industry might suggest that Bigger is Better. But, Is it really?   Some people might argue that 'smaller DOOH networks and non-DOOH networks of various sizes have a better chance of delivering real, substantive value to the end user than big DOOH networks do.' 

If  these smaller DOOH networks are interactive or have the ability to improve merchandising at retail to enhance shopper experience or if small hyper-local, niche sized DOOH networks are enhanced to deliver relevant content to nearby users to drive pedestrian traffic into a store then maybe they might stand a chance competing against the much larger DOOH advertising networks. So, how do these smaller DOOH networks fair against the mobile landscape? Can they even survive against 'location-based mobile marketing services that offer unprecedented relevance and reach.'?

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